LG HT357SD Home Theater

LG HT357SD Home Theater

CODE: LG HT357SD Home Theatre


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  Key Features
    Room Size     Small
    Speaker position     Front and Rear
    Total Power     300W
    Front speaker sound output (Initial Max Power)     45W x 2(4Ω)
    Centre speaker sound output (Initial Max Power)     45W (4Ω)
    Surround     45W x 2(4Ω)
    Subwoofer sound output (Initial Max Power)     75W(8Ω)
  Playable Format
    DVD     Yes
    CD     Yes
    Playable DISC Formats     DVD(PAL),DVD(NTSC),Audio-CD,CD-R/CD-RW,MP3
         DVD-R,DVD-RW(Video Mode),DVD+R,DVD+R Double
    Portable Input Jack(3.5)     Yes
    SCART connection     Yes
    Aux input     Yes
    Video Signal OUT Composite     1
    Video Signal OUT Component     1
    SCART connection     Yes
    USB Jack     Yes
    External FM/MW Antenna     Yes / No
    Output Terminal(Front/Center/Rear/Subwoofer)     Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes
    Output Terminal Type     Push-in
    Tuner Type     PLL
    Tuning Range     87.50~108.00 MHz(50kHz)
    Band      FM
    Preset Memory     50 Station
    Instruction Manual     Yes
    Remote Control Unit     Yes
    FM Antenna     (75Ω)
    Batteries     Yes
    Warranty Card     Yes

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