FMCG Brand

Brand Name:  FMCG Products

Brand Description: FMCG offers to Nigerian Markets the following brands:

Nutrimental baby foods Such as Nutribom and Nutrilac Baby cereals which has always been a part of the daily lives of its consumers with healthy, delicious and practical foods), DORCO (Dorco razor double edge, Dorco shaving sticks for men, and Dorco shaving stick for women) Lucky Special toothpaste (such as Breath care, and Cavity care made by LG Household and healthcare), ROX classic (An energy drink with a nice and sweet taste that provides you with energy whenever you need it), ColaCao(Instant chocolate and cocoa  drink  rich  in  vitamins  and  minerals  such  as  ColaCao  Complet for kids, ColaCao Energy, and ColaCao Turbo), Oxford Vitramik soup and dinner plates(Comes in 3 designs such as Transparent Glaze, Stripes & Gear models and 10 different colors to suit all occasions).

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